With the holiday season, we often think of those who are longer with us.  It seems like that in my family, every year we celebrate with one less person.  My grandmother has been gone a couple of years now, but I still miss seeing her when we go home for the holidays.  Mamaw was one of those great Southern country cooks who believed that if you love someone, you stuff them with food.  The more she loved you, the more she fed you.  Some of my fondest memories of her center around her being in the kitchen, whether it was a special occasion or just Sunday dinner with the family.  When I was growing up, I did not like mashed potatoes.  Actually, I’m still pretty picky on that subject.  Anyway, hers were the only ones I would eat willingly.  And since she was one of those people who never wrote anything down, it can be almost impossible to replicate her recipes.  I once asked her for her mashed potato recipe, and she laughed.  Turns out, there wasn’t a recipe in her house.  After she passed away, we found one cookbook, and that was one of those church cookbooks that they always sell to help some charity.  I doubt that she ever even opened it.  Anyway, besides her mashed potatoes and her lemon icebox pie, the one food we all still talk about is her Potato Salad.  I’ve always been a mustard potato salad fan, but that goes out the window when compared to hers.  My Aunt Barbara, a sweet Southern lady and fantastic cook in her own right, experimented until she got it right.  She brought this to the family Thanksgiving dinner this year, and it was so good I almost cried. Mamaw always served this warm, but if you like your potato salad chilled, it’s good that way, too.  


5 lb potatoes, peeled and chopped

salt, to taste
1 med onion, chopped
2 c sweet pickles, chopped
3 hard boiled eggs, chopped
1/2 stick butter
1 c Miracle Whip

Boil potatoes until tender.  Mash potatoes with butter.   Fold in rest of ingredients.  Serve warm.

Mamaw & me – I miss seeing her standing at the door waving at me…..


For many years, KRAFT Roka Blue Cheese Spread was a staple in holiday/party recipes.  I can’t make my Garlic Cheese Ball without it.  When they discontinued the product, cooks everywhere (or at least in my part of the country) were devastated.   Okay, maybe devastated is a little strong, but we were really unhappy.  Anyway, last year, after lots of begging, pleading, and complaining on the Internet, Kraft finally listened to everyone and brought it back for the holiday season.  After Christmas, I found a couple of jars left on the shelves and grabbed them.  Today, when I went to Publix, there it was again!  So, I can’t make any promises regarding other supermarket chains, but Publix Supermarkets in Florida have it in stock again this year.  Let the stampede begin!  

Until next time, Happy Cooking!  : )

The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree:  the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.  ~Burton Hillis


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