National Punctuation Day (United States)
 The Punctuation Song
September 24th is National Punctuation Day in  the  United  States.  Now, this is the kind of holiday I can enjoy.  I will admit that I’m not perfect, but this is one of the things that really matters to me.  The only thing worse than the punctuation wasteland on Facebook is reading a book review, blog, or a novel with punctuation errors.  If you consider yourself to be writing for the general public, then you should know how to use punctuation.  And proofreading seems to be a thing of the past.  Okay, I’ll try to stop my ranting. 
This unofficial, but entirely punctual, grammatical holiday celebrates the colon, the comma, the parenthesis, the period and much more.  Founded by Jeff Rubin, a California-based newsletter editor, National Punctuation day offers a pause for pondering the points of fine grammar and mechanics. Do you know the difference between a dash and an ellipsis? Can you correctly employ both the comma and the semi-colon?