BOOK SPOTLIGHT: LIFETIME OF ACHIEVEMENT: 7 Goal Setting Strategies That Work by Jordan Maylea Ramirez

About the Book . . . There are too many people going through life content with mediocrity.  People going to jobs they hate, to buy things they don’t need to impress people they don’t like. People  who  are dreading Monday, looking forward to hump day and praying for Friday; and let’s  not  even talk about those two weeks of paid vacation… those are gold!

How long have we been this way? Is this really what life is all about? I don’t believe we were created to be content with a mediocre lifestyle  we  never  wanted  in  the  first  place.  What happened to being a rock star, an astronaut, or an actor? What happened to  the  hopes  and dreams we each had as children? Perhaps, over time, our dreams have  changed …  but  our propensity for dreaming is still inside us.

Lifetime of Achievement outlines seven goal-setting strategies to help get you  from  where you are to where you want to be. In its chapters you will find knowledge from  some  of  the worlds most popular personal development masterpieces, taken down to a level that is easy to read and simple to understand.

Learn the steps to discovering who you truly are, creating goals in perfect  alignment  with that discovery and implementing an action plan that, when followed,  has  been  proven  to produce results. Learn how to conquer fear, to activate the powers of the human mind and discover two of the most important factors shared by virtually every successful  individual throughout history.

This book takes proven strategies and puts them into an easy-to-read, easy- to- implement format that can be read in as little as a few hours. Discover the steps, put them to work, and become prepared for a Lifetime of Achievement!


 Book ExcerptTime has a funny way of passing whether we are prepared for it or not. The  sun  continues  to rise and set, signaling the beginning and the end of another day; what we do with the time that passes is up to us.

Fate. Chance. Luck. We live in a time where these words are passed around like a “get out  of jail free” card; relieving people of the burden of personal responsibility. Instead of believing our choices shape our future, we turn a blind eye and believe the common thread connecting those successful people in our world is nothing more than some lucky gene one is either born with, or not.

What a horrible way to live!

People skirt the idea of personal responsibility because it frightens them. The idea of owning each and every one of our mistakes can  be a  tough one.  What  people  miss  though  is  the unexplainable freedom, joy and liberation  that  can  come  with  the  simple  act  of becoming responsible for your life!

It was right at 5 years before writing this book that the idea of personal responsibility took  hold of my psyche. At that point, I had dabbled in personal development for several years, begun my own business and experienced very little real success. The idea began with a seed planted  by my therapist (yeah, I’m not kidding.) when he said to  me,  “You  are  responsible  for  your  own happiness. You must become your own secure base in this world.”

The idea confounded me. It took hold and, before long, began to grow rapidly as a result of the books I began reading and the philosophy  I  began  to  adopt  into  my  life.  Do  you  hear  the freedom in those words? YOU are responsible for your own happiness.  YOU  ARE!  Not  your family,  not  your  friends.  Not  your  circumstances,  not  your  environment.  You!  You  are responsible!

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About the Author . . .               

Jordan lives with her husband Robert in Lubbock, Texas with their 3  dogs  and two horses. Because both her parents have always been self-employed, she had an entrepreneurial spirit from an early age  and  began  her  first  business  at  the age of 17. It was at that time that she first became fascinated with the subject of personal development  and  the  impact  a  personal  education  can  have  on  a person’s life. She grew up riding horses and  competing  in  Dressage  shows  all across Texas and  New  Mexico.   The   sport   continues   to   be   one   of   the primary passions in her life and if she is not working  or  spending  time  with  her family you can usually find  her  at  the  barn.  Jordan  has  two  younger  siblings, Clayton and Paige, whom she is very close to, and  she  greatly enjoys  spending time with her family. She and Robert  enjoy  entertaining  friends  at  their  home  (especially  during  football season – Go Red Raiders!) and they love to travel the world  and  experience  new   countries  and  cultures together.

Her latest book is Lifetime of Achievement.