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Four novellas, four brides, and four stories to fall in love with. 


Enter the world of mail-order brides with four of your favorite authors: Mary Connealy, Robin Lee Hatcher, Debra Clopton, and Margaret Brownley. In A Bride for All Seasons (Thomas Nelson) each of the prospective brides is hopeful for a second chance at love—and that second chance always seems to come in an unexpected package.

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A Bride for All SeasonsIt All Started with an Ad in a Mail Order Bride Catalogue…

Melvin Hitchcock of the Hitching Post Mail Order Bride Catalog isn’t dishonest—not exactly. If he tweaks his clients’ applications a bit, it’s because he’s looking out for their best interests.

This charming bouquet of novellas introduces four Hitching Post prospects in the year 1870, each one eager for second chances . . . and hungry for happiness. Year in, year out, they’ll learn that love often comes in unexpected packages.

And Then Came Spring by Margaret Brownley
Mary-Jo has been unlucky all her life. But who would guess she’d travel halfway across the country to meet her match . . . only to find him dead!

An Ever-After Summer by Debra Clopton
Ellie had no idea she’s not what Matthew ordered. And what’s wrong with being a “Bible thumper” anyway? She’s determined to show him she’s tougher than she looks—and just the girl he needs.

Autumn’s Angel by Robin Lee Hatcher
Luvena would be perfect for Clay if she didn’t come with kids. But kids are a deal breaker, especially in a rough-and-trouble mining town. The trouble is, there’s no money to send them back. . .

Winter Wedding Bells by Mary Connealy
David’s convinced he’s not long for the world. He needs someone to mother his boys when he’s gone—nothing more. Can plucky Irish Megan convince him to work at living instead of dying?

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About the authors . . . 
Brownley, Hatcher, Connealy, Clopton

**Margaret Brownley is a NEW YORK TIMES best-selling author and has penned more than twenty-five historical and contemporary novels. @margaretbrownley **Robin Lee Hatcher is a Christy and RITA award-winning author. Her books often appear on bestseller lists. @robinleehatcher **Mary Connealy is a Carol Award winner, an a RITA, Christy and Inspirational Reader’s Choice finalist. @MaryConnealy **Debra Clopton is an award winning author of sweet, heartfelt, western romance that face life with a smile. With over 2 million books in print, Debra has her first book coming as a movie starring LeAnn Rimes. @debraclopton


Reader review . . . 

It’s 1870, and four men have placed an ad in Hitching Post Mail-Order Bride Catalogue, and four young women have sent their replies.  Unbeknownst to all involved, Melvin Hitchcock, publisher of the catalogue, edits the ads and correspondence to reflect what he believes they should be saying.  Imagine their surprise when the ladies travel to the West to meet their intended husbands and no one is exactly what they were expecting.

A Bride for All Seasons is an anthology of four novellas by four individual authors set in the nineteenth-century West.  Each one tells the story of a couple who, for various reasons, have resorted to a brief mail-order courtship.  Although it seems strange to us today, many people did just that during that time, with many successful marriages as the result.

In “And Then Came Spring” by Margaret Brownley, Mary Jo Parker has traveled to Kansas to become the bride of attorney Daniel Garrett.  Her train arrives just in time for his funeral.  She is equally surprised, thanks to the work of Mr. Hitchcock,  to learn he has a son.  She first loses her heart to the young orphan, and then to the town’s sheriff, Daniel’s brother.

Debra Clopton’s “An Ever-After Summer” tells the story of Ellie Smith, who saw Matthew’s need for a wife to raise his two-year old daughter as a way to escape an unhappy life in Fort Worth.  Matthew is dismayed to learn that Ellie is not the “practical” woman he advertised for in the catalogue.  This was my favorite in the book.  I could feel Ellie’s pain as she realized she loved her husband while he did not want a romantic marital relationship.  Her love and commitment for little Sophie was a joy to read.

In Robin Lee Hatcher’s “Autumn’s Angel”, Luvena travels from Boston to Idaho to marry Clay and help him manage his opera house.  But when Clay discovers Luvena is the guardian of her nieces and nephew, he withdraws his marriage proposal.  But when he cannot afford to send them back East, the relationship has time to grow.

“Winter Wedding Bells” by Mary Connealy is the story of David and Megan.  David, who has been given a terminal diagnosis, needs to marry in order to leave his sons with a guardian after his death.  Although Mr. Hitchcock conveniently deleted the reason for David’s need for a wife, Megan does not back down from the challenge, and refuses to give up on David.

All four are wonderful short stories with the central theme of the mail-order bride.  While the book is within the Christian fiction genre, they are not too sappy or saccharine-sweet, but just light-hearted examples of historical romance.

4 stars

*I received this book from the Litfuse Group for my honest review. I was not required to give a positive review. All thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.*


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